Gabriela Johansson

HEIGHT: 5’9.5″     BUST: 34C     WAIST: 286    HIPS: 396    DRESS: 2/4    SHOE: 12     HAIR: BROWN     EYES: HAZEL     OTHER:


Gabriela was born and raised in Transylvania to artistically inclined parents. At 20, she began modeling in Paris. This provided the perfect pathway for extensive world travel and a series of deeply fulfilling professional experiences in Paris, New York, Milan and Tokyo.

Gabriela then graduated with a Master’s degree in interior design from UCLA, and is now a Los Angeles-based interior designer and photographer. She finds significance inside the mundane, and can innovate within the constraints of any budget.

Privately, she was able to gracefully transition from a life of glam to a peaceful, balanced daily existence spent with family and loved ones.She has a 7 years old son.

With a belief in constant creative fluidity, the development of new skills, and the breaking of established patterns, she builds a bridge that links her design work to her photography. Gabriela allows her lens to explore the nature of the human spirit, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The result is a coherent language that reflects her own vision in conjunction with her clients’ expectations.