Darling Magazine

You can’t get better than classic. We’ve always believed it and IconicFocus has staked its reputation and business on it. The modeling agency represents supermodels from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, and is purposefully including all ages and ethnicities. In the words of its Creative Director, Lori Modugno, “The industry is rapidly changing toward a philosophy that beauty is ageless, and we are happy to be a part of this change.” Modugno and partners Patty Sicular and Jill Cohn Perlman are trendsetting in a whole new way, and their celebration of aging in such a healthy way has us at Darling excited. We took time to hear the stories and thoughts of these women who are reminding us that with time comes wisdom, grace and even a lighter view of life.

Models: Tara Shannon, Jana Rajlich, Catherine Roberts, Gillean McLeod, Wendy Both, Lara Harris, Jenny Brunt, Pam Ross, Greta Cavazzoni, Sandra Lerga, Tomiko Fraser Hines, Sierra Sullivan, Marian Moneymaker

Photographer: Ben Cope
Stylist: Chelsea Von Mach
Hair: Marina Migliaccio
Make-Up: Amy Hanlin