Anne Bannert

HEIGHT: 5’10.5″     BUST: 34A     WAIST: 27     HIPS: 36     DRESS: 6     SHOE: 9.5     HAIR: BLONDE     EYES: HAZEL     OTHER: SAG-AFTRA



Anne went on her first casting after getting mixed up on the telephone. The result was a whirlwind career that took her through Paris, London, Milan and New York. Annegrew up in a do-it-yourself family in Germany. Her passion is to revive the over-looked, which has included fixing up aniques, retraining unmanageable horses and renovating tear-down real estate. She loves spending time in her wood shop or on horseback. She plays polo and rides dressage, an law brick and tile and weld. She maintains her vintage cars, restores antiques, and grows her own fruits and vegetables. She loves all things scientific and speaks four languages. Anne is married to a very patient man. They live in Westport, CT, in an 1800’s chestnut barn they renovated and decorated themselves. Their four sons are grown.

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