IconicFocus are the trendsetters and influencers of the Modern Era of Models. In a changing world we have sought to elevate beauty to its universal platform and prove that beauty and age are synonymous. As a boutique agency, IconicFocus continues to represent the most beautiful and iconic woman worldwide.


Learning from the legendary Jerry and Eileen Ford whom revolutionized the burgeoning industry, IconicFocus continues under their philosophy to grow and reinvent the business. IconicFocus Models have always lead the way in setting the highest standards that the industry continues to follow.

Booking Conditions

Cancellation Policy: On all Confirmed Bookings: Within Three working days, Full Fee Cancellation. Within Five Working Days, Half Fee Cancellation. Overtime Rates: Time-And-A-Half apply before 9AM and After 5PM. On Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays, based on an 8 Hour Day. Lingerie Rate: Agency must be Advised of all Lingerie Shoots before confirmation: Bras, Panties, See Through Slips, Sleepwear, Pantyhose, etc. Fitting rate on 2 or more garments 1-hour minimum. Fitting rate: 1 Hour minimum on 2 or more garments. Weather Permit – At time of Booking – Bookings must be booked as Weather Permit – Open Hold or Weather Permit with exact hold over date. Confirmed Bookings: All Weather Permit Bookings cancelled due to weather will be will be billed ‘Half Fee’, If Booking is rescheduled immediately. Bookings not rescheduled will be billed Full Fee. For all bookings confirmed on a ‘Weather Permit Basis’ – The client must give Us a Crew Member and their contact information plus a scheduled time for Model to call in for instructions for booking – i.e. Whether or Not the booking will be go on as scheduled. In the case of Client not being reachable – Client will be billed full fee. Travel Time: Full fee between 9am-530pm – Time-and-a – half Before 9am and after 530pm. Usage Rights: Need to reflect the original request in the final signed agreement. Are Limited to The Specific Rights Granted and May Not Be Extended Without Negotiations. NO Images Can Be Used Until Model and Agency Are Paid in Full. Extension of Usage: Any Extension of Existing Usages must be exercised with the initial 3-month term, with one month’s prior written notice given to IconicFocus Models. Agency: 20% Agency Service Charge Will Be Applied to Billings. A 2% Finance Charge Will Be Applied to Billing Unpaid Within 30 Days.